One of the great benefits of utilizing concrete in your construction is its ability to withstand a huge variety of environmental factors, including not only abuse from weather but also foot traffic and the wear and tear caused by machinery.

Over time, concrete does still begin to show wear and tear, no matter how careful you are. As concrete begins to fade, showing chips or discolorations, you may decide you want to give a “face life” to your space, rejuvenating that fresh, clean, and professional appearance the concrete had when it was first laid down. However, the cost of laying new concrete may be prohibitive, especially if it’s only been a few years since it was poured in the first place. 

Concrete Overlayment is the perfect solution. A midway choice between leaving your existing concrete to look sad and worn, but also not going to full time and expense of pouring all new concrete, overlayment can be added over any concrete floor to provide a fresh new look. What’s more, concrete overlayment can be applied with a variety of patterns and textures, meaning you can not only have your floor looking like new, you can achieve a whole range of stylish concrete or stone style looks, from a modern industrial appearance to a classic rugged look.

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Residential concrete overlayments near me

We’ll review your space and needs with you, and help you determine a concrete overlay that best suits your needs, giving your space the new look you desire, with far less than the cost a new floor would normally call for!

In the wide variety of finishes and epoxy floorings we can add for your concrete surface, quite possibly the most dynamic appearance is attributed to a metallic or reflective flooring solution.


Using reflective surfacing or epoxy designs, we create an energetic appearance that simply cannot be matched by a variety of other flooring options.


A reflective surface not only provides a surprising pop to the look of your area, it also creates an illusion of depth and space beyond what your room may already have since the reflections in the surface can the impression in your mind of an open space larger than the room actually is.

What’s more, with metallic and reflective surfacing, we can add textured designs to compliment the rest of your interior design similar to what could be accomplished with carpeting, while still having the durability and reduced maintenance needs that concrete has to offer.


Contact us today to get more information on how a metallic or reflective epoxy flooring can suit your needs!

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before and after concrete
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how to make a patio
Residential concrete overlayments near me

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